Disinfection Tunnel

The Pure Tower allows for safe use, using technology that prevents the escape of UV-C radiation from its interior. This concentrates all the radiation in a small air passage area, thus achieving a high level of sterilization.

Intelligent Equipment

The Pure Tower is an equipment that combines its sterilization features with intelligent wireless control. This added functionality allows the user to visualize the efficiency of operation, as well as independently manage information for maintenance management and consumption control.

Perfect Design

A sleek appearance, combined with sophisticated technology and high quality construction, make the Pure Tower a Hi-Tech device of maximum efficiency.

The design of the Pure Tower was strongly influenced by a focus on performance. Its elongated structure, and multidirectional air distribution are key to enabling high radiation dosages and versatility in use.

Technical Features

Flow rate [m3/h]
UV-C Emitter Power [W]
Weight [Kg]
Dimensions [mm].
Max. Power Consumption [W]
Operating Voltage [V]

Area (m2) Renewal time (min.)
4 12
8 12
10 30
20 60
30 90
40 120
60 180
80 240

note: right foot with 2.5m of reference


Certifications and Validations:

- Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC) by ANACOM
- Directive 2014/35/EU (EC) by LIQ
– ISO 15714:2019 by BIOCANT

Results according to ISO 15714:2019 performed by BIOCANT show a sterilization rate of 99.87% for the bacteriological strain BACILLUS SUBTILIS (the most demanding bacteriological strain of the standard) and 100% for the SERRATIA MARCESCENS strain. According to scientific studies (1), Covid-19 requires a radiation dose of between 1,000 and 3,000 mJ/cm2 to guarantee 99.9% virus inactivation. The Pure Tower has a radiation dose of 21,600 mJ/cm2 which guarantees inactivation of Covid-19 at a rate of over 99.9%.

(1). http://iuva.org


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